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Fight global hunger while promoting your business.

Promoting your business has never been more fun.

Fight Hunger

Fight Hunger

50% of all payments go to the United Nations World Food Programme, to provide meals for hungry children and help poor families around the world.

Build & Attack

Build & Attack

Your kingdom, your style. Build houses, trees and use your logo as your flag. Attack other kingdoms to get bigger, but be aware: they will do the same to you!

Be seen

Be seen

The bigger you are, the more people will see you. Grow in size to gain attention, and lead people to your website. Let your kingdom be discovered by new customers!

The rules

Your kingdomThere are 36 kingdoms in total, in a 6x6 grid. Every kingdom starts with 25 tiles and has its flag placed in the middle. The goal is to grow in size and rank higher in the scoreboard, to be seen by more visitors!
BuildEvery day, all kingdoms get a certain number of coins. With these, you can place buildings and trees on your tiles, which gives you a bigger chance of winning in case someone attacks you. Make it beautiful!
AttackOnce a day you can attack a neighbouring kingdom. Your chance of winning depends on the building on the tile plus a bit of luck. If you win, this tile is now yours. If you successfully attack a flag, all of those tiles are yours!
The winnerAt the end, the whole map is captured by one winning kingdom. All the other kingdoms are still visible in the scoreboard and also in a separate section of the website - so actually, there are no losers!


Do I need to have a business to join?

No, you can make your kingdom about pretty much anything: a side-project, your Instagram channel, or even your cat! All you need is a name, a logo for the flag and a website to link to. Promote what you want!

I want to join! How can I get a spot?

Just fill in the form below and enter your bid until the 1st March 2021. There are 36 spots available, so the 36 highest bids win the auction! Even if your bid won’t make it into the top 36 to get a kingdom, there will still be a dedicated page on Adlandis where people can discover your website! So either way, you‘ll have a guaranteed place on the website while also supporting hungry children around the world. It’s a win-win!

Where does the money go?

50% of your payment goes directly to the organisation Share The Meal, an initiative of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) - the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger. Their operations range from resilience building and school feeding programmes to providing food assistance in emergencies. The other half helps us to maintain Adlandis and make it better every day. Please note that we cannot offer a refund after the donation has been made.

You can find more information about Share the Meal here.

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